learn, translate

Each day we live, we add color and detail to life’s map. What if that map could guide someone else?

I took my first yoga teacher training in 2015. I became certified to lead mindfulness in 2017. I’ve been to workshops, coaching programs, and increasingly deep trainings. In each program designed to help me teach others, I learned the most about myself.

Given the gift of self-reflection, how do we share this fortune? I don’t think it’s only by repeating these lessons to others. We learn a little from what our teachers say, we learn most from what they do. what they share about their own journey. I’m sharing a glimpse into my journey, hoping that bits and pieces will add color and detail to your own map.

My intentions are to:

  • Translate self-reflection into thoughtful, helpful, accessible content
  • Share what I’ve learned about yoga, meditation, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and, well, life…
  • Connect with others who are making self-reflection and compassionate action a daily priority
  • Build a landing page to connect, learn, and share with those I meet through speaking engagements, working, teaching, traveling, and studying

And if none of these intentions come to fruition, I will have opened a door to something else. Check back in a year and we’ll see what that was.

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