August Intention: Growth

Every time I scroll on Instagram, I’m really looking for examples of how to live. For better and for worse, I’ve found them. I’ve found people who share yoga without exhibitionism, people who share spirituality without dogma, people who use social media to support those in need. I’ve also seen unchecked privilege, the celebration of self-destructive behavior, and virtual attacks on other human beings.

I don’t think Instagram was designed to tell us how to live our lives, but we can’t deny that it impacts how we feel, think, and act. When I think about what I want to add to the conversation, I want to focus on things that make me more human, more alive, and happier.

So I’ve picked a topic for each month of the next year, and am posting them here as a big, scary, public commitment. All my posts, yoga classes, meditations, recipes, unrequested personal stories, etc. will focus on the topic.

Call it an intention (cheesy) or a goal (too strict), but either way I’m devoting my time on Instagram to becoming an example of how I want to live.

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