Workshop: The Antidote to Modern Times

There’s an unease that comes from the constant information overload we’re experiencing, being exposed constantly to situations outside our locus of control. And it’s so easy to lose sight of what we want to do, our unique talents and preferences. To make it worse – there’s an entire market that profits off our sense of confusion and the search for ourselves.

In this workshop, we won’t add to the long list of “problems” we have to fix. We’ll won’t buy into self-help culture at all. We’ll look to the tradition of non-dualistic meditation to challenge the way we define our “selves” and learn ways to practice without falling into the grind culture trap.

The Antidote to Modern Times is on 5/13 at 5pm PT, and you can register here for free. The session is hosted by Colleen Bordeaux, the founder of the Growth Incubator.

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