a year of anything

I can do anything for a year. Anything. But this is going to be a hard one.

For the next year, I am not going to buy things. It was inspired by a resolution set by @twiteryspitery a few years ago, and the recent realization of how much control media/ads/shopping has over me. It’s deeply habitual and unhealthy.

Shopping draws on my energy (money is a form of energy exchange!) and feeds companies I don’t believe in. Constantly looking for the next best thing wastes my attention. And the influx of new material things hurts our environment.

Not that I think I’m going to take down consumer brands or save the planet with this. It’s just a personal choice to renegotiate my relationship with things.

So here’s my digital bullet journal tracker. I’m linking a copy to the same file as in the image, and one with a blank title so you can write in your goal. Hint: you don’t have to wait for Jan 1st to do something important.

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