exploring mindfulness

Mindfulness takes practice.

Living mindfully takes more than intellectual understanding, it takes embodied experience. We can’t just “get it,” we have to do it. And we can start by find the keys (skills) to open the doors (domains) of mindfulness practice.

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understanding anxiety through yoga

I don’t think I realized how much anxiety I experienced until I momentarily stopped feeling anxiety, looked around, and thought, “is this how everyone else normally feels?” I owe that break in anxiety entirely to yoga. If anxiety is the pain of disconnection (a paraphrased definition…

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how to stop underappreciating the moment

Your whole life has prepared you for this moment. I’m not trying to sound like a refrigerator magnet or cheeseball Instagram quote account. Matter-of-factly, all the skills you’ve developed, all the resources you’ve collected, all the relationships you’ve formed have been preparing you for now. Not just for…

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bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is the intersection of mindfulness and personal organization. It’s a way of doing things, and one of the best strategies for changing behavior or learning a new habit.
Learn how to create a weekly spread through TikTok tutorials, Instagram posts, and free downloads to get you started.
You don’t need a lot to bullet journal, meditate, or practice yoga. Here are a select few of my favorite things – the stuff I use every day.